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Being bullied is not something to be proud of nor brag about. Bully can tear ones life apart, destroy your life &also build fear in yourself esteem.Some of us get bullied only  for people’s own selfish reasons. Being bullied silent only one person can witness that and thats you the person who is going through that . The people who are bullying you dont notice it, to top it off they feel that they are right and you are wrong that’s the reason for them doing so. You can be bullied silent by not only stranger but also the people close to you and that can be your own friend. I was a Victim  and I took a step to get out of it. Anyone who has witnessed “bully” knows as much as I do those people are controlling, demanding and they are manipulative. I know my story seems short but if you were and still is a victim of “bully” I believe you can visit my blog to share your story with me am here to listen to you and along with you to say NO to bullying.